…through writer’s block, that is. It’s been 527 days since I last wrote. That was the day I learned of my nephew’s death.

But today is a new day. Today I celebrate the birth of two of the most special people in my world–both of whom have passed from this life–nonetheless, the shared anniversary of both their births–a day worthy of celebration.

Today I celebrate Evelyn, one of my biggest cheerleaders in this life, the grandmother of my children, the mother of my ex-husband. Thank you for being my “Naomi”. Thank you for teaching me how to be a grandmother–for teaching me to never stop learning. For showing me that an open heart is always worth the risk.

Today I celebrate Clayton, the nephew I never really knew until he became a teenager. Thank you for your willingness to share any part of yourself with me. Thank you for drinking from my cup only hours after we met. That was awesome. Thank you for reading what I wrote and calling me on the phone from too many miles away to give me your feedback. By the grace of God, I grew up to be an author.

And so begins a new chapter. Happy October 4th, world. It is the birthday of two of my favorite people.

What a beautiful day, indeed.