That’s what they call it in New Orleans and once you fall in love with the place, you tend to adopt the slang as your own. I’m not alone in this. It is what my kids have called “going to the grocery store” all their lives.

I went to the store alone, save for the lists my kids had made for me. And this is what their grocery list amounted to:

Healthy stuff. A variety of green teas, fresh produce (and we didn’t even try to fit all the produce into the photo), soy milk, Special K with Protein, granola bars, raisins, probiotic yogurt….

This is what my stuff looked like:

Popcorn to satisfy those savory cravings, Tootsie Roll Child’s Play to satisfy the sweet cravings, and like my kids, I enjoy tea. I picked up some Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea. Don’t shout me down. I’ve got real Luzianne Tea if I want to take the time to brew it. But I’m a busy girl. My spare time goes to working out so I can eat burn off all those Tootsie Rolls.