I’m re-living Sunday for a minute. Sundays are special around here for three very good reasons.

1. Grandkids are usually here.

2. It is my ONE day off.

3. Heath, my second-born, loves to bring friends over for comfort food. It is his cheat day–a good reason to gather.

I’m playing this thing by temperature these days. Last Sunday, the temps dropped into the high-30’s. We had Chipotle Chicken Quesidillas. This week, it was 87 degrees for a high with a low of 60-something.

I was feeling nostalgic for the Paula Deen Buffet that The James’s treated us to last June. For me, that means down-home casseroles. So I spent my day off chopping, sautéing, grating, dicing, washing pans, and baking. The end result was a hit for the hungry people under my roof.

This is one of my favorite cookbooks.

For an appetizer, we had an awesome spinach-artichoke dip. For the main dish, I came up with a recipe that I lovingly refer to as “Me & Paula’s Chicken & Rice Divan”. I used her Chicken Divan recipe, added brown rice, and adjusted the liquids. It was yummy. I love her recipe for Squash Casserole but we’ve tweaked it to be a bit more healthy for my weird kids (olive oil, no butter, no sour cream, no crackers). It works because there is no sacrifice to the flavor. Sweet Potato Casserole completed the meal. And then while we were having Porch Time, Heath & Breezy decided that Apple Pie would be a great midnight snack.

So be it.

Next Sunday, I’ll have two of my favorite houseguests for the weekend. If the temps drop again, I’m thinking Cilantro Guacomole  and Chicken Chili…