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Wednesday morning’s alarm clock came from the construction site at Hotel St. Marie across the street from our room. It was interesting to see the work that goes into taking down a balcony and rebuilding the structure from support posts, all the way up.

It was another beautiful day. I had coffee on the balcony and watched the world come alive before moving from one room to another. Someone else had requested my favorite room a year in advance so I switched to another that actually became my new favorite room.

The girls went to Clover Grill for breakfast and I stayed to touch base with Miss Audrey in housekeeping.



Miss Audrey is one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s been with Olivier House for almost 40 years now. I enjoy her company so much that she lets me tag along with her on occasion. As it turned out, she was short-handed on help that day so she gave me some assignments. This makes for interesting work. At Olivier House, there are 42 guest rooms and no two are alike. I’ve not only seen them all, I also see when updates are made like which rooms have undergone bathroom re-models and which rooms have new furniture or carpet, and I ask all kinds of questions like, “how long has that mirror been hanging above the winding staircase?”

I haven’t told you about the winding staircase yet. It is really something special.



When I finished working with Miss Audrey, we headed down Dauphine so we could walk past the dog park on our way to Port of Call . God must have helped us time it just right because there was no line halfway down the block. In fact, we walked right in, grabbed seats at the end of the bar and ordered The Artery Blocker Special.



Port of Call is best known for their hamburgers that come served with the best baked potato I’ve ever tasted. I don’t order hamburgers in restaurants anywhere else, but I fantasize about this food on a regular basis. It never disappoints.

After lunch, we went to a beautiful boutique on Chartres. Trashy Diva is one of our regular stops but nothing about the place is trashy. The clothing store and lingerie store are side-by-side. Whichever door you walk through, you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time to the old Hollywood Glamour era. The dresses are timeless with definite 1940’s–50’s class. The lingerie boutique features beautiful foundations, stockings, corsets, and accessories. In everyday life, we pride ourselves on not being shoppers. No kidding. Shopping is something like a chore. When we need new work gloves for the warehouse, we’ll run to Target and grab some. When we need food, we’ll grocery shop. But when you are in New Orleans for Halloween weekend, you must go all out. Trashy Diva had the finishing touches for both nights of costume parties we’d be attending.

We went back to the house and enjoyed the new balcony view on the Dauphine side. The temperature was still in the upper 80’s and very pleasant. Breezy and Bethanie were ready for a cold treat so they decided to try a new place that I felt was a “must try”. La Divina Gelateria is located on St. Peter in the old Hagaan Daaz location across the street from Gumbo Shop. This became almost a daily ritual for them. I sampled the goods they brought home. This is heavenly stuff.

A friend of mine was scheduled to arrive in town by late afternoon. We had planned on having dinner Wednesday night but the flight was delayed and Len didn’t arrive until the following morning. The girls are funny creatures, really. We all go to bed early for a place like New Orleans but these two are like old ladies. That’s why we call them Hazel and Ruby. They manage to get all kinds of things accomplished in the light of day and by 10:30 p.m., they retire.

I went to sit in the poolside courtyard just to enjoy the quiet night air and simply unwind.



However…it wasn’t quiet. A group from New York who are regular Halloween visitors were having a lively conversation. Their room opened to the courtyard and except for when they slept, the French doors were always opened. I kept hearing a girl’s voice say, “I want to learn how to choke someone out.”  I suspect it was Ronnie’s presence at the front desk that brought about the desire to learn fighting moves—not that you’d want to fight him—but because he teaches Jujitsu.   In any case, she was persistant in her plea,  so after hearing her say for the third time, “I really want to learn how to choke someone out,” I stood up from my chair, walked to their doorway, cautiously poked my head around the corner, and told the girl, “I can teach you how to do that.”

The beautiful blonde jumped to her feet and came over for a lesson on the Sleeper Hold. I walked her through the simple instructions. She was so excited she asked me to choke out her uncle. I looked at the man, big and burly, kind of biker-like in appearance. “He would fall too hard,” I told her.

Introductions were made and we visited by the poolside. The beautiful blonde (Kim) had talked about wanting to go to a concert at One Eyed Jack’s and her roommate (Vicky) whispered to me that she was ready for some quiet time. “Kim, are you still going to that concert? I bet Dawn would go with you…” and that’s how I came to go to a concert at One Eyed Jack’s. Vicky stayed home in a quiet room while Kim, her uncle and I went to hear a great band. It was a very enjoyable night and I was home before 12:30 a.m.