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We slept a very peaceful sleep in our new favorite room. We slept later than we meant to but I suppose we were still playing catch-up. There was no construction site alarm clock in our new room.

Breezy and Bethanie ran across the street to Toulouse Grocery for muffins and brought them back. I enjoyed morning coffee on the Dauphine side balcony. Construction was still ongoing on the Toulouse side. I found myself very grateful that we had changed rooms.

We all stuck around and helped Miss Audrey for about two hours. I’m telling you, she is simply amazing. She turned us loose on her favorite room in the house which is a gorgeous two bedroom, two bath unit with living room and full kitchen. I don’t feel  pictures do it justice. 





The French doors open onto it’s own private deck.  The view is simply incredible.  The most wonderful breeze came through those doors.  The fireplaces in both rooms are working fireplaces.



We went to Praline Connection on Frenchmen Street for lunch. Our luck held out, as it had the previous days. We were seated immediately. Breezy had been craving Crawfish Etouffee and Beth ordered Shrimp Etouffee.



They each had a side of Baked Macaroni and Cheese.



I went with the special of the day which was Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes. It was just ok and I knew, with a twinge of regret, that I’d never be disloyal to Fried Chicken, Greens, and Macaroni ever again.  The girls ordered dessert to go.  Breezy chose Bread Pudding with Praline Sauce.  Beth chose Cheesecake.  I wish we’d taken pictures of those.  They were truly works of art.

Highlights of the afternoon included a stop at Boutique du Vampyre to pick up vampire bite tattoos. This is a neat little shop and one of my New Orleans roommates (Betsy) often has garden and gargoyle art for sale there. We knew she was arriving in town that day so we walked past all of her favorite haunts but never caught sight of her.

After walking the girls home, I headed to Ryan’s Irish Pub to meet up with Len (who finally made it into town) and his roommate, Paul. I hadn’t seen either of them since my first book signing on St. Paddy’s weekend of 2007. We visited for about an hour and then they headed off to get ready to hear the Iguanas, a great New Orleans band. I highly recommend catching one of their shows.

On my way back home, I saw that Betsy and her travel companion were at the Old Opera House listening toThe Bonoffs . I went to sit with them for a few songs and then went home to hang out with the girls.

The fireplace had been lit in the parlor and we simply could not stay away.



We visited in here for awhile, enjoying the soft music, the candle light, the fireplace…but then our attention was drawn to a couple at the desk. Deborah, the gracious concierge, was gathering special request items for the lady…decaf coffee, artificial sweetener…and, by the way, there was no toilet paper holder in her room. She had to reach back like a contortionist (as she begins to exaggerate odd, impossible positions) and the girls and I looked at one another, amused. Really? The woman carried on for five more minutes about this one thing while her poor husband stood silently in the background. We felt so sorry for the poor soul. They finally disappeared and headed to their room. In disbelief, I went to Deborah and told her, “you’re going to make that poor woman throw her back out when she reaches for that toilet paper.” She told us other amusing stories and also mentioned Robert Olen Butler’s upcoming book. There are always great stories to be heard–and people wonder why we don’t go out much at night.

After visiting with Deb and one of the Danner’s whom I had not seen in years, I went upstairs and found the old ladies fast asleep, as usual. I’m a shift worker. I don’t fall asleep early. Ever.

My New York pals had invited me to go to One Eyed Jack’s (1/2 block down the street) as we had the previous night and it sounded like a great idea. We listened to another great band and once again, I was home before 12:30 a.m. We froze that night due to The Hot Flashers next door. Upon arrival, they had the air conditioning turned down as low as possible. Try as we might, we simply could not keep warm.