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This is a beautiful letter from Princess Jadyn, one of the Little People in my world.  I am such a lucky girl.  Princess Jayden presented me with this not so long ago when she and her sis spent the night.  Be sure to scroll down to see the original work of art.  It goes like this:

Hi mrs. dawn

 Read inside for more

 Hi Mrs. Dawn. your name is like the sunrise d.a.w.n.  I Havent seen you in a while But I wanted you to know that your like my second mommy.  Ryan told me that when he goes up there every since he was little, you treated Him Like a Son and every time I go up there you treat me like Ima princess & I love you.  I hope you like my picture.



See the heart in the middle?  That’s me and Jadyn.  We’re holding hands.   If you could see it up close like I can, you would see how much we love each other.

 And if you could see my heart, you’d see that it is complete mush.  I am the luckiest girl alive.