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I live in the Midwest. Simple, ordinary, sweet. My parents met as next-door-neighbors on a street called Pleasant Drive.  That is a true story, kind of  a reflection of the simple sweetness here but it isn’t the most awesome thing about where I live.

I live right in the immediate vicinity of an Air Force base. In the warm seasons, you can sit in the front yard and watch USAF Thunderbirds or Blue Angels fly right overhead, practicing maneuvers for an air show. Those things are very cool.

But I’d have to say one of the most awesome things about where I live is this:

That’s Mr. Spriggs Bar-B-Q.

If you’re not familiar with the place, maybe this clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will help.


That’s comedian John C. Reilly of “Stepbrothers” fame singing the Mr. Spriggs’ song with the assistance of the band.  It takes a minute to load but it is worth the watch. 

Here’s a video of the original commercial.

Or a clip of an R & B sexified (that’s a new word) remix of Mr. Spriggs artfully blended with “Friends and Lovers” by Ludicris.

Or a simple youtube instructional video on how to play the Mr. Spriggs song on the guitar.

Or how about the MP3 Download from you tube?

Or a garage band version of the Mr. Spriggs song?


 Oh…there are others out there in youtube land.  A techno version, an Earth People Version, a couple of R & B dudes from San Diego who perform a live version.  And then there’s the coolest video from G4 when someone actually traveled to Midwest City to present Web Soup’s Golden Download Award.  


We were watching G4 on that wonderful day when this major award ceremony took place and we were so excited. Every time we visit Mr. Spriggs, we all look and whisper to one another, “there’s the Golden Download Award trophy….”

So there you have it. From a little tiny place on Air Depot where I first went to Mr. Spriggs with my two oldest sons when they were little guys so many years ago with Grandma, Grandpa, and Guy & Daphne. The place had just opened –barely more than a drive-through–but the food was good and that was what mattered. Mr. Spriggs has since moved a mile up Air Depot to a larger place and the wonderful supper companions from that first visit have all gone to Heaven.

I somehow think they’d all be very proud of Mr. Spriggs. 

I know I am.