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Alex came over for Special Time this week. It was awesome.

It always is.

I dropped Breezy and Alex off at home to bake Gingerbread Cookies while I drove off in a different direction to help pick up a new workout device for Ty (Alex’s dad).

But that’s a whole other story.

Alex was excited. Not only does she love to bake– she told me they had just read the story of The Gingerbread Man at school that day.


I went off to meet Alex’s dad to pick up his new workout device. A whole other story…

When I got home from my adventure with Ty, the entire house was filled with the fragrance of ginger and molasses. The girls were at the table decorating the fresh, baked cookies.

Meanwhile, I went to work on Chicken and Dumplings.

While my part of the kitchen was set to simmer, I turned to see how Alex was coming along.

And I saw this:


She had taken a few little bites.

She didn’t want them to run away.

With a fate like this, who could blame her?