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Dear Alex,

I never imagined I could fall deeper in love with a person than I did with you the day you were born. I thought about that a lot today.

I found a picture of you holding your brother before he learned how to pinch. The smile on your face looks just the way I feel when I’m with you.


On those special nights when you have a sleepover at my house, I come home from work in the middle of the night to find you fast asleep. I quietly kneel down and touch your beautiful brown hair because I just cannot help myself. I study your pretty face, kiss your forehead, and whisper in your ear, “I watched you be born.”

That was six years ago.

I knew that I would love being a Grandma but I never dreamed that you would teach me so many things.

I learned to go places with no make-up on my face–not because grandmas don’t wear make-up– but because I suddenly felt lovely without it. I think it was the way you looked at me.

You taught me about horses and their babies and told me about great movies that I would never have found on my own. Sometimes when we sit on the porch together, you give me words of wisdom that I always remember in times of sorrow.

When I hear your voice or see you…or even think about you, something happens inside of me. My hands and my face get warm. I get this dorky smile on my face that I cannot make go away. The joy of you is so huge that it becomes impossible to contain it all. It overflows and spills out of my eyes in happy tears. My heart seems to need more room than usual and one day I decided to close my eyes and be still so I could figure that out. And when I did,  I realized that my heart was doing cartwheels. That is how you make me feel.

When I walked outside today, it felt springtime in January. And when I left tonight to go to work, I looked up to see that the sky was colored midnight blue, just like the color in your crayon box. Against the deep blue background the stars shone brighter than usual and more of them seemed to gather in one place.

And when I remembered what day it was, I realized that the sun and the stars must feel the same way about you that I do.

Happy birthday, Angel. I’m so happy God made you.