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I do feel guilty.

For two days, I stayed home from work. I’ve never called in sick, not once. I don’t normally use all of my vacation days.

I work on an Air Force Base. We don’t often shut down operations for snow. Really. It just doesn’t happen.

While I was excited to be doing all of my favorite things in the course of 24 times 2 hours (reading by candle light, writing, cooking, working-out, watching movies), my son was not.

While I thought it was pretty cool that he was celebrating his 28th birthday the same way he celebrated his entrance into this world (in the midst of a blizzard), his job didn’t shut down. He works for the Sheriff’s Department. Law Enforcement doesn’t shut down. In fact, because my son doesn’t “call in” for any reason (“he get it from his mama”…ok, that’s a rap song), he probably had to pick up slack for those who do.

And at the end of his 12 hour plus workday, his Suburban was dead when he was okay’d to finally go home.

All the while, I was enjoying this stuff:

I cannot forget this part:

And that is why…I came to your house while you were sleeping to read this: (I was quiet so I wouldn’t wake your kids).

Because honestly, dude.  Even though you look like this:

I still come over every night and do this:

(Even though neither of us look quite like that.  We’ve still got another six years or so).

I love you forever

I’ll like you for always,

As long as you’re living

My baby you’ll be.