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Dear Victoria’s Secret,

I was so excited last fall when I opened my email about the new Pink NFL line. I immediately followed the link and found…what?? No Saints?! Are you kidding me? An NFL clothing line that came out in 2010 with nothing whatsoever to represent that year’s Super Bowl Champs?

I was so disappointed. I sent you an email to remind you who  Super Bowl XLIV Champs were and how cool it would be for you to include them in your NFL line like some other folks thought to do.


I never heard back from you.

I did receive a new V.I.P. card. I did receive a V.I.P. invitation to a special event in December that wasn‘t open to the general public, so thank you. You know I spend good money there on the girls in my family. We especially love your coats. They are simply awesome.

But still.

Today I received another email from you that read: Are U Ready for Super Bowl XLV? Well, because I am married to a Wisconsin boy, I clicked on the link and found…what?? No Packers?! Are you kidding me? To your credit, you had Steelers (whom the Saints beat on October 31, 2010). You had Cowboys (whom the Saints beat on Thanksgiving). Bless their hearts. You had Patriots (ok, they won), Eagles, Bears, Broncos, Redskins (the last 4 the Saints didn’t play). You had Raiders (Saints didn’t play), Panthers (whom the Saints beat on October 3, 2010 and again on November 7, 2010), Giants (Saints didn’t play), Chargers (whom the Saints beat in a pre-season game in August). You had Vikings (whom the Saints beat on September 9, 2010) and Jets (Saints didn’t play).

I was ready for Super Bowl XLV. I had homemade chili and queso and all kinds of ice cream and toppings for the grandkids to make their own Super Bowl Sundaes while they watched the Disney Channel in another room. So, yes—we were ready.

But apparently, you were not.

The Green Bay Packers are taking home the Lombardi this year. You should consider coming up with merchandise to represent these new Super Bowl Champs.


 And, of course, last year’s champs (who made it into the playoffs this year).



I think it would be really cool if you could represent all teams in the near future. I don’t claim to be a business woman or anything but I think it might prove profitable.

Just a thought.