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Cory and I have a great deal in common in a strange kind of way. He is a musician, I love to write. We are both shameless dorks. He was home schooled, I am a home schooling mom. He was raised by his grandmother–I’ve always said he could easily be one of my kids. He feels no shame in doing warehouse ballet with me and that is huge.

We met as co-workers 5 years ago. One night as we worked side-by-side listening to his MJ tunes (that’s Michael Jackson), we talked about how mean people suck. There were ex-cons in the house who couldn’t separate themselves from what I call “prison mentality”. They didn’t speak, they yelled. They didn’t co-operate, they had epic meltdowns. They bullied their way through the course of a work night and the energy of the place was…wrong. We were determined to change that.

I’ll never forget the night Cory’s friend stopped by to tell him about a vampire documentary he’d recently seen. He told us that the modern day vampires existed but they didn’t drink blood; they sucked all the good energy out of whatever environment they happened to be in. Cory and I made eye-contact. We shared one of those Oprah “AH-HA” moments. From that day on, we became tag-team Vampire Slayers.

Eventually workplace bullies diminished in power and suffered the fate that so many bullies do. One by one, they fell on their own swords (or maybe wooden stakes). The company realized that hiring ex-cons wasn’t productive and the bullies were replaced with wonderful, kind-hearted people. With the good people came a beautiful energy.

Looking back, I don’t think Cory or I would ever imagine that we’d later become targets of serial bullies, but we both found ourserlves “targeted” for a time. Our experiences were separate, yet so very similar. Sadly, that was another thing to add to the list of things we had in common.

Cory moved on to pursue his dreams. When I tell you that he is a musician, I don’t say that lightly. Cory is a composer. He hears musical scores in his dreams and when he wakes, he goes into his recording studio to bring his dreams to life.

The irony is not lost on me that the first musical score he was hired to work on happened to be for a vampire comedy. But that was how another filmmaker took notice and asked Cory to work on the musical score for The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas. This movie is about a man who was bullied as a child and grew up to be a vigilante.

I’ll soon pre-screen the movie without the music and sound effects. Cory seems to think I’ll love the story and he knows me pretty well. Like the character of Charlie, Cory and I refuse to be beaten down. We’re just not “victim” types. Bullies often mistake kindness for weakness which is a huge mistake. Of all the common traits we share, I think I like this one best. I don’t know, though. The dancing is pretty awesome.

I don’t have a movie review yet, but here’s a video of Adam Hampton, the writer and director sharing a little about the story and the filming process. Adam will get a nearly finished cut into my hands soon. I really look forward to watching this.