Breezy, my Strong Lion who challenged my weakest weakness and made me stronger for it.

Alex…Defender of Mankind who possesses the mathematical logic of a left-brained thinker with the perception, insight, and tenderness of a right-brained artist.

A shark in the living room with a Bratz doll poking half-way out of his mouth—evidence that T.J. was here being all boy, just as it should be.

My Best Friend Jadyn’s Snow Woman.

Rainbow toe nails after a mani-peti from Alex.

Extra kids moving in, if only for a few days.

Having stronger hands than most men I shake hands with.

Provision. Nothing lacking. For every sense of loss, God always makes provision.

The voice of John Boutte.

The sunlight of a new day outside the window. Unfailing mercy. For Naomi. I’ve got enough love and stamina for the both of us.

Cioccolata Calda.