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Today I will do everything in my power to combat the blues. I will look outside the window when I wake to absorb a fresh batch of mercy. I will play a song for God on my harmonica and have some quiet time before I join the rest of the world. When I step outside of the quietness, I will listen to music. Probably non-stop. And at some point before I go to work at night, I will get a great endorphin rush.

This might also call for chocolate of some sort.

The end of Spring Break always brings a kind of sadness for me which might seem a bit weird. My own kids are home schooled. I have the pleasure of their company everyday. The reason I mourn the end of Spring Break is because I won’t have the pleasure of all the other company I’ve enjoyed for the week.

Ours is The Kid House. Always has been.

So much for the “…but home schooled kids lack socialization and won’t know what to do in the real world…” argument.

Bless their hearts.

For nine glorious days, we’ve had visitors of all ages. From Bethanie and Dupree who attend 2 different colleges, to Preston, Kristin, and Brayden (middle school and high school), to My Best Friend Jadyn (9 years old) and my beloved grandkids (T.J. & Alex, ages 3 and 6), we have experienced all kinds of noise and joy and celebration.

We’ve added new memories to our storehouse and although there were days when my head spinned, I look forward to a summer filled with Galactic Hopscotch, patio gatherings, snack baskets filled to overflowing, swimming, mountain biking, and more entries for Breezy’s collection of short stories titled “Welcome to the Hood”…because we all know that truth is sometimes stranger and much more entertaining than fiction.

Only 9 more weeks.