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“I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person. But these seemingly fragile people are the strong people really.”  ~Tennessee Williams

I’m almost ashamed to admit that we only had one meal on Wednesday. Breezy and I napped in the evening, though not at the same time. While she napped, I fantasized about food and spent balcony time with Christie talking about how hungry I was. When I exhausted myself fantasizing about food, I fell asleep. That’s when Breezy woke up.

We more than made up. On day two, we headed to Camellia Grill’s new French Quarter location. Camellia Grill is more than a place to eat in New Orleans. It is an institution. The layout on Toulouse and Chartres is just like the Uptown location. The Vegetarian Omelet looked good to me. Breezy opted for the Mexican Omelet with sausage, cheese, onion, bell peppers, and smothered with picante sauce. I wish we’d taken pictures. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that our dishes were both beautiful and tasty.

The service was outstanding, entertaining, and interactive. Our host kept coming back to talk about the time the Hornets were playing in their temporary home in OKC in those post-Katrina days. I let him know that they were well-loved and they played every game to a packed-house. OKC loved the Hornets so much in fact, they acquired their own NBA team. They aren’t named after a stinging insect, though. They are named after Oklahoma weather.

Breezy and I shared a piece of Camellia Grill’s world famous pecan pie before heading out. They heated it upside-down on the grill to get it nice and hot. We thought we were too full to get ice-cream on top. We’ll know better next time.

While heading toward the Tennessee Williams Festival headquarters at Royal Sonesta, we passed a mob of conventioneers, at least 200 thick, on their way to a luncheon that had been catered for them and took up an entire block of Royal St. Breezy looked to the right of the street while I looked to the left looking for The Bad Influence.

I haven’t told you about him yet.

Let me rewind to Houston.

I’ve never had the good fortune of stepping off the plane and into the exact gate number for my next outgoing flight. It was awesome to know that we could simply sit down if we chose, but we really wanted to find some coffee. To our disappointment, we found out that it was Texas Water Coffee. The airport is usually the exception to this rule but everywhere we have ever gone in Texas, they serve Texas Water Coffee. We like our coffee hot and strong–kind of like a good man.

The couple seated across from us observed as they sipped margaritas from Papasita’s. They let us know that they had sampled drinks at two airports already and that these margaritas from Papasita’s were very, very good. It was 8:20 a.m. Even so, I held my Texas Water Coffee and envied them.

We visited and discovered that they were headed to New Orleans and staying at Royal Sonesta, T.W. Fest headquarters. The gentleman acknowledged that most normal people were drinking coffee but he was a Bad Influence so he and his wife were sampling the margaritas. “But…who’s having more fun?” he asked us.

“That would be you. At least for now,” I answered.

Even as he boarded the plane, I heard him ask another young lady, “Are you having fun yet?”

As we walked past the conventioneers, we never spotted The Bad Influence. Breezy stated the obvious when she told me, “He wouldn’t be interested in this luncheon. See? They’re drinking Diet Pepsi and bottled water.”

I knew she was right.

Once at Royal Sonesta, we picked up our panel passes, discussed our volunteer time slots, and headed out the door, into the beautiful afternoon to spend a wonderful day with Uncle Allen.

“Kill all my demons and my angels might die too.”  ~Tennessee Williams