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“I saw that it was all over, put away in a box like a doll no longer cared for, the magical intimacy of our childhood together.”

~Tennessee Williams, Collected Stories

 Dear One,

I won’t linger long– only long enough to tell you that your absence is an enormous thing. All of that heart and soul and fire and passion now gone—it sometimes feels that there is too much air taking up space where you should have been.

I console myself with knowing your best friend. It comforts me to know you had a friend like that. From too many miles away, he taught me a valuable life lesson: No one should ever grieve alone.

So he tells me funny stories and the heartache turns to laughter.

The laughter somehow heals.

The stories are so you. And even though it’s all we’ve got left…something is always better than nothing.

I know you are resting in a peace you never really knew here.

You mattered.

“Death is one moment, and life is so many of them.”

~Tennessee Williams