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If anyone had ever told me that some of the sweetest, most memorable days of my life would somehow involve Beatnik Poets, I might have looked at them with a perplexed, wrinkle-in-my-forehead kind of look and simply said….“Whut….?”

But it is true and life is sweet.

Sweetness this week:

  • Allegra, my precious HG Sister/co-worker, delivered a beautiful baby boy on the birthday of another precious soul. I am excited beyond words. I love Sweet Clarification in that way that only comes in “meant to be” packages.
  • The Poet Kataalyst received a package in the mail that made him happy. Kataalyst’s Uncle Allen stands tall, proud, and dignified. I adore you, Kataalyst. God bless you.
  • Zouxzoux has inspired me in unspeakable ways. I love your heart and I love your words.

Happy Birthday to Brylan…a little miracle boy.

Happy National Poetry Month to the rest of you!

A part of me thinks I should be craving Egg Rolls…