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Remember the day you took Ty and Heath for what began as a little walk along Soldier Creek and ended up a huge adventure that they still talk about nearly 20 years after the fact? I don’t know what exactly you all did that day. All I know for certain is that I missed out on something awesome.

I was taking care of little people. You took over my sons for the day and created a wonderful memory.

Today was Easter.   Ty talked about that Soldier Creek adventure while we visited. We’ve settled into a sweet holiday routine of an informal come-and-go open house. No one is excluded. No one is belittled. This home–with intention–is filled with love. You would like it here. The most important rule is that no one is allowed to be hungry.

You were a little girl whose life was filled with adventure. You were a Naughty Ballerina turned Rodeo Cowgirl.  Hearing Bible stories from your mom was not enough for you; you had to act them out.

Take Baby Moses.

You’d dress a baby doll and put it in a basket and pretend to float it down the River Nile. It simply was not enough for you. You wanted something warm and tangible. You wanted your own baby brother. You didn’t hesitate to express this desire to your mother who had not even given birth to you.

I know this is where you learned the ultimate adventure of faith…and what a ride that can be.

Your precious mother told you that she couldn’t help you–though she didn’t leave you powerless. No. That wasn’t her style. She sent you straight to the source. “If you want a baby brother, you need to talk to God about that.”

And that’s exactly what you did. You were five years old. You talked to God until your mother’s phone rang and it was Deaconess Hospital. They told her that there was a little boy who was born almost a month ago and would she like to give him a home?

Your little girl prayers floated that infant boy into the hands of the perfect adoptive mother just as sure as Miriam’s basket floated Baby Moses to his own princess mother in Egypt.

You continued to play out the scenario…dressing your real life Baby Moses and putting him into a basket. Once upon a time he did not want to hear that story. Now, though….now it touches him to the core. It comforts him in times of challenge. It builds his faith and gives him hope for his future. It helps him remember that God has never once left anything unfinished.

I wish I’d asked you more questions about the time you ran away from home and went to San Francisco. You were so young. Younger than Breezy. I cannot imagine the horror you put your mother through.

All I know is that you ran away from home and found God.

The one adventure you would never have chosen for yourself was that short time spent in a teaching hospital. It sucks to be the teaching material. Especially when your days are numbered. At that point, all you want is familiarity. The comfort of home, friends, family, love. Not strangers poking and prodding, clothed in a tiny sheet with arm-holes and a constant breeze blowing through the open back. Educated dictatorship where you have been reduced to a slab of meat and have no say in anything regarding your own person.  Not even the dignity of being taken outside to feel the sun’s warmth on your skin.

The one adventure I would never have chosen for myself was getting you out of there. In those 3 days and nights with you, I learned how to refuse to take “no” for an answer. We got you out and took you to the only place you wanted to be: sitting on your own couch with Theresa’s 20 year old cat in the house your parents built 40 years ago.

This was the beginning of your last adventure.