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Dear Jonah,

You are a soldier.

There are more than a million reasons for you to stay…

…another season of Christmas lights…the rush of endorphins…eye contact that melts your heart…a new flavor of Blue Bell …a lifetime of sunsets…the best kiss ever…all those simple pleasures that are medicine to the soulbut most of all…

…someone needs what you have to offer.

Hard times get better…

…not because bullies become non-existent in the adult world.  Sociopaths will always occupy space… at work, at family gatherings… very possibly right next-door.  Their power is solely dependent on the psychological manipulation of others but you finally figure them out.   They are self-loathing types with not one shred of self-control and you almost pity them.


They bully because it is what they do best.

Imagine the misery.

They aren’t best at something incredible like being artistic or playing the piano.  They aren’t the best figure skaters or even the best athletes.  They don’t love best.  They don’t edify.  They bully because they are best at malice, animosity, cruelty, contempt, nastiness… envy.  They are best at being Godless.

 It does get better…

…not because of any mood-regulating substance.   Maybe you watch an episode of Ellen—an hour of simple joy at the expense of no oneand you discover laughter therapy—this incredible thing that comes from somewhere deep inside and heals your soul on its way out.

Kindness is refreshing.

Joy is contagious.

It gets better even while most people stagnate in complacency because the day comes when something changes inside of you.  You figure out you’re at the mercy of no one.  You get to set the boundaries of who and what you’ll subject yourself to.  It is your quality of life.  Your well-being.  Who better to decide?  The absence of oppression makes the world look different.

It becomes beautiful.

You become untouchable.

You become free to surround yourself with Architects rather than Wrecking Balls…those who have your best interest at ♥ heart ♥… those who validate your experience—and they do exist.  They may not be who you hoped and very possibly those you least expected, but God is good.  He makes provision for every sense of loss, betrayal, invalidation… every destructive word and every act of intentional cruelty.

Surrounded by love with no conditions, you are free to grow into that uniqueirreplaceable soul you were always meant to be.  You can offer your gifts and talents to a world that is much better with them than without them.

Your inward calling will be unstoppable.

You’ll be here to breathe life back into those who suffer as you once did.  Instead of malice, you’ll offer kindness.  Instead of animosity, you’ll offer love.  You’ll eliminate cruelty in favor of mercy.  Rather than contempt, you’ll offer respect.  In the place of nastiness… compassion.  Instead of envy… comfort.

You may very well be the one person who offers someone just enough hope to make it through another day



P.S.  I love you.